MiWay Service Changes Start on Monday, Sept. 4

The changes include bus stop relocations at two transit terminals, service increases for the fall academic term, resuming weekday service on routes to post-secondary schools and on 300-series routes to high schools, as well as schedule changes on various routes.

Service increases on Routes 44, 61 and 110 for the fall academic term

Due to expected increases in customer demand to travel to University of Toronto Mississauga and the Sheridan College Davis campus (in Brampton) with the start of the fall academic term, service will increase on:

44 Mississauga Road: will operate more frequently (every 18 min) in the afternoon peak and early evening until 7 pm.

61 Mavis: will operate every 10 to 11 minutes in the afternoon peak on weekdays.

110 University Express: there will be more frequent service between UTM and the City Centre Transit Terminal (CCTT); service frequency will be reduced from Clarkson GO to UTM so the savings can be reallocated to the busier portion of this route.

  • Buses will operate every 12 minutes during the morning and afternoon peak hours, midday, and in the early evening during weekdays between UTM and CCTT.
  • Buses will operate every 20 minutes during the morning and afternoon peak hours, midday, and in the early evening during weekdays between UTM and Clarkson GO. Early morning and late evening frequency will be reduced to every 25 and 30 minutes, respectively.

These service increases will help to reduce – but not eliminate – overcrowding on these busy routes.

Schedules will also be updated.

Bus stop changes at City Centre Transit Terminal

To better accommodate routes that use larger 60-foot buses, the bus stops for the following routes will be moved at the City Centre Transit Terminal:

  • 2 Hurontario and 17 Hurontario will move to Platform D (stop #1402) from Platform E (stop #0477).
  • 61 Mavis will move to Platform E (stop #0477) from Platform I (stop #0664).
  • 68 Terry Fox and 76 City Centre-Subway will move to Platform I (stop #0664) from Platform B (stop #6171).

Bus stop changes at Kipling Bus Terminal

To better accommodate routes that use larger 60-foot buses, the bus stops for the following routes will be moved at the Kipling Bus Terminal:

  • 35 Eglinton will move to Platform 3 (stop #9056) from Platform 4 (stop #9057).
  • 101 and 101A Dundas Express will move to Platform 4 (stop #9057) from Platform 3 (stop #9056).

Routes 101A and 107 resume weekday service to post-secondary schools

Due to the start of the fall academic term, the following routes will resume weekday service:

Service to high schools resumes

300-series routes to high schools will resume service on Tuesday, September 5.

Students can view a list of all the bus routes that travel to their school.

Route 99 College Shuttle remains suspended

Due to low customer demand, the Route 99 College Shuttle will remain suspended and will not operate.

The savings from this change will be used to increase peak service on the Route 61 Mavis to respond to increased customer demand.

Service reductions due to low demand

MiWay will be reducing the service on the routes below due to low ridership. MiWay will reinvest the savings back into routes that are facing overcrowding and reliability issues for customers.

  • 17 Hurontario will operate every 15 to 18 minutes in the morning, afternoon and midday on weekdays.
  • 24 Northwest will not operate after 6 pm on weekdays.
  • 30 Rexdale will operate every 45 minutes on Saturdays to match weekday service.
  • 76 City Centre-Subway will operate every 26 minutes in the peak and 37 minutes in the midday on weekdays.

Schedule adjustments

Schedule adjustments will be made on the routes below to improve service reliability as traffic and ridership patterns continue to evolve throughout the city.

MiWay will make further schedule adjustments as needed to ensure that services remain responsive to customer needs.

  • 5 Dixie (Saturdays and Sundays)
  • 7 Airport (weekdays)
  • 8 Cawthra (weekdays and Saturdays)
  • 16 Malton (weekdays)
  • 38 Creditview (weekdays)
  • 38A Creditview-Argentia (Saturdays and Sundays)
  • 44 Mississauga Road (weekdays)
  • 51 Tomken (weekdays and Saturdays)
  • 53 Kennedy (weekdays)
  • 61 Mavis (weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays)
  • 68 Terry Fox (weekdays and Saturdays)
  • 103 Hurontario Express (weekdays)
  • 107 Malton Express (weekdays)
  • 110 University Express (weekdays)

Please check for updated schedules.

Holiday service

On Labour Day (Monday, Sept. 4) and Thanksgiving Day (Monday, Oct. 9), buses will operate on a holiday schedule.

These routes will operate at a reduced frequency:

  • 4 Sherway Gardens
  • 17 Hurontario
  • 23 Lakeshore

These routes will not operate due to low customer demand:

  • 28 Confederation
  • 35 Eglinton
  • 46 Tenth Line-Osprey
  • 48 Erin Mills

Please check for updated schedules.

These service changes help deliver these MiWay 5 Transit Service Plan benefits:

  • Stronger corridors to support a grid network
  • More frequent service on main corridors
  • More service outside of weekday rush hours
  • More express service between key destinations
  • Direct connections between major transit hubs
  • Improved connectivity with major employment areas
  • Improved connectivity with colleges and universities

Next planned service change – October 23, 2023.

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