Unlock the past during Museum Month

An opportunity to explore and understand Mississauga’s history 

Discover Mississauga’s history and culture this Museum Month as we celebrate their invaluable role in preserving our collective heritage. Museums serve as vital caretakers of our past, offering insights into our historical roots, shaping our present and guiding our future. Mississauga’s museums are not just exhibits, artifacts and collections, but vibrant hubs of learning and community engagement.

Throughout May, we invite you to journey through time at Mississauga’s three museums: Benares Historic House, Bradley Museum and Leslie Log House. Each tells the story of Mississauga’s past, present and future, offering a unique perspective on its rich heritage and providing visitors with engaging experiences and opportunities for discovery.

Benares Historic House

Stands as a testament to Mississauga’s storied past, showcasing over 165 years of history within its elegant Georgian-style estate. From captivating exhibits to original family possessions spanning four generations, this museum features a gallery and rotating exhibitions providing an enriching exploration of bygone eras.

Benares Historic House

What’s currently on:

  • Teatime at Benares Historic House: pinkies up! This Mother’s Day weekend, spend an indulgent afternoon at the museum enjoying the refined tradition of teatime while treating the mother figure in your life. Teatime runs from May 11 to July 20, 2024. Get tickets
  • Blooms and Berries: inspired by Clarkson Village’s history as the strawberry capital of Ontario, this free outdoor market celebrates Mississauga’s agricultural heritage. Sample historic food, take part in crafts, self-guided tours and enjoy live music. Learn more

Bradley Museum

Nestled within a serene 70-year-old maple grove along Lake Ontario, Bradley Museum offers a tranquil setting for delving into the intersections of nature and culture. Explore four heritage buildings and engage with thought-provoking exhibits.

What’s currently on:

  • Meet Me at the Park: in partnership with the Master of Museums Studies program at University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information, this free exhibit explores the themes of how parks care for us and how we care for parks. Running from April 25 to July 21, 2024. Learn more
  • Generation X Marks the Spot – Black History in Mississauga at Bradley Museum: curated by Dayo Kefentse, this project tells the story of how young Caribbean Canadians helped shape a distinctly Canadian culture in the 1980s. On now and running until December 8, 2024. Learn more

Leslie Log House

For a glimpse into Mississauga’s early settler life, venture to Leslie Log House, a cherished relic of Ontario’s past. Built in 1826, Leslie Log House is one of Ontario’s oldest remaining log homes. Operated by the Streetsville Historical Society, this historic gem offers a window into the town’s origins and features archives documenting Streetsville’s evolution. For more information on visiting, please visit the webpage.

By safeguarding these treasures, Mississauga’s museums ensure that future generations can connect with their heritage and glean valuable insights from the past. So, gather your loved ones and embark on a journey of discovery through Mississauga’s history this Museum Month.

To explore upcoming activities and exhibits at each museum, visit the City’s website.

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